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FIFA Secretary-General Inspects World Cup Stadiums

By Brad Eveleigh

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The Secretary-General of FIFA, Jerome Valcke has attended the Itaquerao Stadium in Brazil to inspect the delays of construction for the 2014 Football World Cup.

The Itaquerao Stadium will host the opening fixture between Brazil and Croatia on June 12, less than two months away.

Valcke said there is “not a minute to lose” as there is still a lot of work to do before completion can be declared.

He was confident that it would be ready in time saying, “we are running against time, but yes, the stadium will host the opening game”.

Construction at the Itaquerao Stadium came to a drastic halt last November when two workers were killed by a collapsing crane. Sadly an additional death also occurred earlier in the year to a construction worker who was helping install 20,000 temporary seats that will be needed for the opening. Both these tragic losses caused obvious delays.

Vlacke’s agenda now leads him South to Porto Alegre and Curitiba, where he will receive updates from local organisers about the delays and potential issues there.

Curitiba will house World Champions Spain against Australia on June 23 and the Football Federation Australia boss David Gallop has publicly expressed is concern over the conditions of the stadium. Let’s hope the report comes back positive for all parties involved.

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VPL Match-Fixing Scandal

By Brad Eveleigh ( @Brad_Eveleigh )

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Australia’s largest ever match-fixing scandal has come to light in the Victorian Premier League as six men have been arrested in relation to the appalling sports allegations.

A manager, Goalkeeper and Malaysian national have allegedly been involved in the operations of the scam that has been reported to be valued at over $2 million.

The majority of the winnings are to have been collected from abroad with bets being placed on the bottom-placed Southern Stars in coordination to score manipulation.

The Victorian Police were informed last month of the happenings by Football Federation Australia, who received information from a Swiss-based betting data intelligence agency, Sportradar.

45-year-old Malaysian citizen Gerry Gsubramaniam of Clayton South has been accused as the main man, or as described in reports as the point of contact for the Southern Stars players.

Mr Gsubramaniam is facing five charges of facilitating conduct that corrupts or could corrupt the outcome of a betting event and five charges of engaging in conduct that corrupts or could corrupt the outcome of a betting event.

A hearing was held last night (Sunday) where acting Senior Sergeant Scott Poynder stated that Mr Gsubramaniam was the contact point and he received payments for giving Southern Stars players information on how games were to develop.

Sportradar had informed Poynder that there were at least five games identified as suspicious and this was presented at the hearing as well.

He opposed bail and Gsubramaniam was remanded to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates court on today (Monday).

Goalkeeper Joe Wooley (23) and Reiss Noel (24), both UK citizens currently residing in Preston, faces eight charges, including four counts of engaging in conduct that could corrupt the outcome of a betting event, and four charges of facilitating conduct that could corrupt the outcome of a betting event.

A further three other men, including the Manager were released on bailed and are to appear before the Melbourne Magistrates court to face the same set of charges as Noel and Wooley.

Four other men that were arrested on Sunday were released awaiting further inquiries.