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By Hayden Hooper ( @Hoopaman18 )

Photo by Louie Abigail

 Photo by Louie Abigail

After all the pre fight animosity, Daniel Geale puts on a completely dominant performance to force Garth Wood into submission after 6 one sided rounds at Sydney’s Horden Pavilion.

Wood tried his best to upset Geale with hostility in the lead up, even head butting Geale at Tuesday night’s weigh in. Maybe this wasn’t the smartest idea, as Geale came out all guns blazing and imposed his superiority from the opening bell.

The former world champion started fast and had Wood on the canvas in the very first round. Wood was able to get to his feet and after avoiding another onslaught, he heard the bell and finished round 1.

Wood was down again in the second round, but referee Charlie Lucas called a low blow and deducted a point from Geale.

Rounds 3 and 4 would see Geale pick Wood apart with measured attacks to the head and body.

Once again in round 5 Wood found himself on the deck after a straight right hand from Geale connected flush on the jaw. Wood managed to rise to his feet and battle until the bell sounded and even after, as referee didn’t hear and the men continued to fight. Finally action was stopped and places on the stools were taken.

Geale dropped Wood to the floor once more in round 6. Wood rose yet again and after getting hurt badly at the end of the round, staggered to his corner.  Trainer Lincoln Hudson had seen enough and wisely stopped the contest between rounds to avoid his fighter taking any more punishment.

In the post fight interview, Geale made clear he would like to set up a fight with undefeated WBA and IBO champion Gennady Golovkin.

Photo by Louie Abigail

Photo by Louie Abigail

The undercard seen NRL superstar Paul Gallen score a 2nd round TKO in his professional debut over Herman Ene Purcell.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Gallen, as 19 year old Toowoomba resident Purcell came out swinging in the opening round. He landed a left hook on Gallen’s jaw than sent the Cronulla captain to the canvas.

Gallen was able to compose himself and in round 2 land some nice combinations. Purcell decided to prove how tough he was by dropping his hands by his side and walk straight into Gallen’s power shots. After wearing some flush punches, Purcell ended up on the ropes where Gallen continued to batter him, forcing referee Garry Dean to step in and stop the contest.

Chaos almost erupted as both Gallen and Purcell continued to fight after the bell, forcing both corners to step in to control the heated combatants. It was all smoothed over and the men embraced.

In an action packed Light Heavyweight contest, PABA champion Robert Berridge was able to defend his title with a 10th round TKO over Kerry Foley.

After almost 3 years out of the boxing ring, Foley done extremely well against the impressive New Zealander who was riding a 7 fight KO streak going into the fight.

An even bout throughout the first 5 rounds with back and forth action, Foley then landed a right hand in the 6th on the southpaw Berridge that sent him to the canvas. Berridge was able to spring straight to his feet and in the following round answered back by putting Foley on the floor.

Berridge then began to gain ascendency and landing big punches on Foley. Between rounds Foley’s corner told him they would stop the fight is he doesn’t do anything this round.

In round 10, Foley grimaced as though he injured his right hand, he was then hit with a body shot and went down onto one knee. The referee has seen enough and stopped the fight.

After a thirteen month absence from the ring, undefeated Cruiserweight Brad Pitt showed no signs of ring rust, scoring a 1st round KO over Emosi Solitua with a thunderous left hook.

Cruiserweight Shane Quinn was also able to score a KO from a left hook. His was in the 4th round agaisnt New Zealand’s Jake Revill.

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Rules for the NRL Auckland 9s


With the 3rd game underway of the Rugby League 9s being played in Auckalnd at the moment I have noticed some major confusion amongst fans on social networks regarding the rules.

Obviously there are some major changes and additives to this weekends competition so I shall explain below.

Rule Changes:

• Introduction of the Bonus Zone – a five point try for tries scored in the in-goal area between the goal posts at each end. All tries scored outside the bonus zone will remain four pointers

• Introduction of ‘GoldenTry’ – where if teams are drawn at fulltime – in extra time the first team to score a try wins – with the ‘Golden try’

• Goal-kicks will not feature in the tournament with dropkicks taken in line from where the try was scored worth two points. Penalty dropkicks will be worth two points with a field goal in general play remaining at one point.

• Scrums will consist of five players from each team and will only be used in the event of a double knock-on or a mutual infringement.

• In the event of a successful 40/20 kick, play will recommence with a tap re-start to the kicking team 20 metres in from where the ball crossed the touch line.

• Matches will be re-started by the scoring team through a drop kick off

• Referees will have the power to send players to the sin-bin for five minutes for foul play.

Rules provided by NRL .com

FIFA World Football Rankings

Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 10.45.27 AM

1 Spain <> 0 1506
2 Germany <> 0 1314
3 Argentina <> 0 1255
4 Portugal 1 1219
5 Columbia -1 1211
6 Switzerland 2 1159
7 Uruguay -1 1157
8 Italy -1 1135
9 Brazil 1 1125
10 Netherlands -1 1122
11 Belgium <> 0 1117
12 Greece <> 0 1084
13 USA 1 1044
14 Chile 1 1038
15 England -2 1032
16 Croatia <> 0 966
17 Boznia-Herzegovina 2 919
18 Ukraine <> 0 917
18 France 2 917
20 Denmark 5 907
21 Mexico <> 0 887
22 Russia <> 0 862
23 Côte d’Ivoir -6 841
24 Ecuador -1 831
25 Sweden 1 821
26 Aigeria 1 819
27 Slovenia 2 799
27 Cape Verde Islands 8 799
29 Serbia 1 775
30 Armenia 8 711

Daniel Geale v Garth Wood

By Hayden Hooper ( @Hoopaman18 )


Two of Australia’s top Middleweights will go head to head at Sydney’s Horden Pavilion on Wednesday night. Daniel Geale (29-2, 15KOs) and Garth Wood (12-3-1, 8KOs) will fight Live on MainEvent PPV over 12 rounds for the WBA Pan African and IBF Pan Pacific titles.

Geale, a former world champion, is coming off just his second career defeat, a narrow loss in the United States at the hands of Englishman Darren Barker in which he lost his title. Although Geale’s last six fights have been world title bouts against some of the worlds best, this is a danger fight and a must win if the Tasmanian is to put himself back in the world title picture.

Wood, a former NRL first grader and winner of The Contender reality series suffered disappointment of his own late last year when his world title bout with Martin Murray was cancelled just weeks prior. He is determined and feels this is his big chance to push himself into the world title frame.

This MainEvent PPV undercard will also feature the much anticipated professional debut of NRL star Paul Gallen. Gallen has participated in the charity event Fight for Life the previous two years, winning both bouts and impressing people along the way.

The Cronulla and New South Wales captain and a man who is considered one of the fittest and toughest in the NRL will take on Queensland’s Herman Ene-Purcell, a 20 year old who resides in Toowoomba under the tutelage of Brendon Smith. The ‘Hermanator’, as they call him, has had two professional fights, a win and a loss.

In a rematch, highly regarded New Zealander Robert Berridge (22-1-1, 18KOs) and Sydneysider Kerry Foley (14-1-1, 12KOs) meet in a 12 round battle for the PABA Light Heavyweight title.

In 2011, the pair fought to a 6 round decision draw. Foley has since not fought, while Berridge has had 13 bouts in that time, only suffering defeat once at the hands of undefeated Blake Capparello.

Australia’s number one Cruiserweight Brad Pitt (14-0, 11KOs) will also make an appearance after a lengthy period absent from the ring. The 2008 Olympian and former Australian and regional title holder has not fought since November 2012. He will fight Emosi Solitua (4-0, 3KOs) over 6 rounds.

Another international encounter takes place between New Zealand’s Jake Revill (7-0, 3KOs) and Sydney’s Shane Quinn (7-1-1, 5KOs) when the Cruiserweights fight over 6 rounds.

Current Australian Super Feather champion Kye MacKenzie (6-0, 4KOs) and former Australian Light Welterweight champion Addisu Tebebu (5-3-3, 1KO) meet in the middle at an agreed catchweight of 61kg.

Also on the card is Lauryn Eagle (8-3-1, 3KOs) taking on Shari Ranger (0-1).

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NRL Auckland 9’s Tournament Guide



– Cronulla Sharks
– Newcastle Knights
– Wests Tigers
– Gold Coast Titans

– Sydney Roosters
– Parramatta Eels
– Brisbane Broncos
– Canterbury Bulldogs

– New Zealand Warriors
– Canberra Raiders
– Manly Sea Eagles
– North Queensland Cowboys

– Melbourne Storm
– Penrith Panthers
– South Sydney Rabbitohs
– St George / Illawarra Dragons

Day 1 – Saturday – February 15

1. Cronulla Sharks v Newcastle Knights – 12:35pm
2. Wests Tigers v Gold Coast Titans – 1:00pm
3. Sydney Roosters v Parramatta Eels – 1:25pm
4. Brisbane Broncos v Canterbury Bulldogs – 1:50pm
5. New Zealand Warriors v Canberra Raiders – 2:25pm
6. Manly Sea Eagles v North Queensland Cowboys – 2:50pm
7. Melbourne Storm v Penrith Panthers – 3:15pm
8. South Sydney Rabbitohs v St George / Illawarra Dragons – 3:40pm
9. Cronulla Sharks v Wests Tigers – 4:20pm
10. Newcastle Knights v Gold Coast Titans – 4:45pm
11. Sydney Roosters v Brisbane Broncos – 5:10pm
12. Parramatta Eels v Canterbury Bulldogs – 5:35pm
13. New Zealand Warriors v Manly Sea Eagles – 6:10pm
14. Canberra Raiders v North Queensland Cowboys – 6:35pm
15. Melbourne Storm v South Sydney Rabbitohs – 7:00pm
16. Penrith Panthers v St George / Illawarra Dragons – 7:25pm

Day 2 – Sunday – February 16

17. Cronulla Sharks v Gold Coast Titans – 12:00pm
18. Newcastle Knights v Wests Tigers – 12:25pm
19. Sydney Roosters v Canterbury Bulldogs – 12:50pm
20. Parramatta Eels v Brisbane Broncos – 1:15pm
21. New Zealand Warriors v North Queensland Cowboys – 1:45pm
22. Canberra Raiders v Manly Sea Eagles – 2:10pm
23. Melbourne Storm v St George / Illawarra Dragons – 2:35pm
24. Penrith Panthers v South Sydney Rabbitohs – 3:00pm

The Finals

1st Quarter-Final – 3:30pm
1st Blue v 2nd Green

2nd Quarter-Final – 3:55pm
1st Green v 2nd Blue

3rd Quarter-Final – 4:20pm
1st Yellow v 2nd Red

4th Quarter-Final – 4:45pm
1st Red v 2nd Yellow

1st Semi-Final – 5:45pm
Winner of 1st QF v Winner of 2nd QF

2nd Semi-Final – 6:10pm
Winner of 3rd QF v Winner of 4th QF

Grand Final – 7:30pm
Winner of 1st SF v Winner of 2nd SF

Venue: Edan Park

« All times are local New Zealand time – Check local guides »
« -2hrs for NSW / -3hrs for QLD »

Pakistan cricketer accused of assaulting police warden

By Brad Eveleigh ( @Brad_Eveleigh )


Pakistan batsman Umar Akmal has been arrested in Lahore after being accused of assaulting a police warden.

The 23-year-old has said the traffic warden slapped him and is denying all charges.

Akmal has released a statement saying “His behaviour was inappropriate to say the least. I came to the police station to register a complaint and instead they have detained me,”

Senior police official Tariq Aziz has opposed Akmal’s statement saying the accused had “violated a traffic signal and when he was stopped by the warden got abusive and tore his shirt.”

Akmal is confident of clearing his name by using CCTV footage that captured the incident at the traffic signal.

The right-handed batsman and part time ODI wicketkeeper, has represented Pakistan in 16 Tests, 89 One-Day Internationals and 52 Twenty20 Internationals.

Schumacher “responding to instructions”

By Brad Eveleigh ( @Brad_Eveleigh )

Reports evolving out of France regarding the condition of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher is that he is now “responding to instructions” as he is very tentatively brought out of his intensive coma.

Word is that the 45-year-old has “blinked” as medics begin the slow and very difficult process of bringing him back to a state of consciousness after his horrific skiing accident on December 29.

The German has responded “positively”, according to “very reliable sources” (cited by French newspaper L’Equipe) after undergoing a number of neurological tests that commenced on Monday.

The medical team at Grenoble University Hospital have now begun the process of ending his coma and slowly reducing the required dosage of anaesthetics he was reliant upon.

According to L’Equipe: “After gradually reducing the sedation of the patient, the team of Professor Emmanuel Gay [the medic overseeing Schumacher’s treatment] has been doing neurological tests since Monday. During this first stage, the patient blinked.”

Schumacher’s manager, Sabine Kehm has said: “Michael’s sedation has recently been reduced to initiate a process of awakening which may take a long time.

“To protect the family, initially it was clearly agreed between all parties only to disclose this medical information once this process was consolidated.

“The family wishes to express sincere appreciation for the sympathy they have received from around the world.”