New WADA President Wants New Testing



By Brad Eveleigh ( @Brad_Eveleigh )

New World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) president, Sir Craig Reedie has revealed that they could soon be testing athletes for drugs using hair samples.

Reedie has suggested that a fund from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of £6m (AUD$11.1m) would lead to new testing techniques to catch out sporting cheats; adding to the current testing of blood and urine samples.

Reedie said that they “will look at different approaches as such” as some drugs can be present for longer periods in hair follicles compared to blood and urine.

Reedie continued to say that “This new fund from the IOC will create tremendous opportunities for advances in anti-doping and allow our scientists to look at alternative approaches to sample testing for banned substances,”.

A grey stain has recently been smeared over WADA with the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi with a local Moscow testing laboratory for the games having had its accreditation suspended.

A WADA panel heard that there was serious concern about the accuracy and reliability of tests being conducted and its results.

Having taken over the new Presidency role today, Reedie’s first assignment was confirming that provisions have been made to rectify the situation.

He reassured that “There will be a very well-staffed and functioning satellite laboratory in Sochi and a group of foreign experts are helping resolve the problems in Moscow.”


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