Mayweather Dominates Alvarez


Mayweather vs Alvarez

 By Karen Touma ( @KarenTouma )

Floyd Mayweather has beaten Mexican Saul Alvarez with a 12-round majority decision to remain the best pound-for-pound boxer.

The 36 year old, has stretched his string to 45 straight fights and earned the biggest purse in boxing history at a staggering $US41 million.

“It is about skills,” Mayweather said. “I came out tonight and showed my skills.

“I just took my time and took the opportunities when I got them. I can’t say this is my best performance.”

Alvarez was no match for Mayweather who fought a brilliantly tactical fight in front of a crowd of 16,746 at the MGM Grand Hotel’s Grand Garden Arena.

Mayweather cruised through the 12 rounds yet the judges made it a majority decision with Judges Dave Moretti (116-112) and Craig Metcalfe (117-111) had it for Mayweather, while judge C.J. Ross scoring it a controversial 114-114.

“I’m not in control of what the judges do,” Mayweather scoffed. “I am in shock (by) whoever had it even.”

In only his second fight since being released from prison after serving a sentence for the assault of the mother of his children, Mayweather gave away 13 years in age and 15 pounds to the younger and stronger Alvarez, who moved down in weight for the showdown.

The seventh was one of Mayweather’s best rounds as he landed several combination punches early before backing Alvarez up into a corner and hitting him with a right uppercut that snapped the Mexican’s head back.

Alvarez suffered the first loss of his career since turning pro in 2005.

“It was simple: I couldn’t catch him,” Alvarez said through a translator. “He was very elusive. He’s a great fighter. I did not know how to get him. He is very intelligent. He’s got a lot of experience. Honestly, I couldn’t find him. In the later rounds, I felt frustrated. I recognize that he beat me. I tried to connect on him, but I just couldn’t. At the same time, he also missed me a lot. A lot of punches landed on my gloves.”


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