Preview: Formula 1 German Grand Prix


Nürburging track

By Karen Touma ( @Karen Touma )

Formula One returns to back to the Nürburging track since 2011 for the German Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton won here last in his McLaren Mercedes MP4-26.

It was a decision made by Bernie Ecclestone to waive the $20m annual hosting fee to allow the insolvent company which owns the Nürburging track to host the event.

Nürburging is a narrow, yet flowing circuit that will make the car set up a difficult one. The low-speed first sector contrasts the high-speeds reached later in the lap and the chicanes will require a soft suspension to really be able to get stuck into the kerb.

There are two DRS zones in Germany with the first located between turns 11 and 13 (The NGK Chicane) with a detection point 45m before turn 10 and an activation point 55m after turn 11. The second is on the start-finish straight with a detection point 40m before turn 15 and an activation point 135m after turn 15.

Braking systems will be an important factor on the circuit which includes 8 braking zones, 3 of which are heavy. The most important braking area in turn 1 where cars are expected to decelerate at close to 5.6G over a distance approximately 100m.

Triple world champion Sebastian Vettel is yet to win at three circuits that are currently on the calendar, Hungary, United States and in his own backyard – the German Grand Prix. After failing to secure points at the Silverstone GP due to a race-ending gearbox malfunction, the drivers’ championship gap between Vettel (132) and Fernando Alonso (111) has been cut to 21 points.

Ferrari have an impressive German Grand Prix record with twenty one wins, ahead of nine for Williams and eight for McLaren.

Michael Schumacher has the most German Grand Prix wins of any driver with four victories to his name.

 Circuit Data

  • Length of lap: 5.148 km
  • Lap record: 1:29.468 (Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, 2004)
  • Start line/finish line offset: 0.257 km
  • Total number of race laps: 60
  • Total race distance: 308.623km
  • Tyre allocation: Soft (yellow) and medium (white)
  • 2011 pole: Mark Webber – 1:30.079 (Red Bull)

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